I wish I was better at saying what I feel. Like whenever I talk to someone who says something I don’t agree with, I just sort of laugh like “heh heh heh….” and don’t actually say my own opinion. Then later, I think about that conversation and think of all the things I could have said..advice, opinions…but didn’t because I was too afraid to. Then I get mad at myself for being a coward and not saying what I felt, even if it could have changed their mind or something. ugh fail.

sorry for all the random thought posts tonight i'll go back to reblogging cute stuff

It makes me sad when people quit things that can actually do them good. Like I understand that sometimes you just have to move on or do something different, but when people quit because of a few changes….idk, I just wish people would stick it out a bit longer. :(

This probably makes no sense. But I needed to rant.

I need to watch a drama and/or bake something. 

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