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I’m not a person to cry much, in fact I rarely do. If I cry its because I am incredibly stressed about something. Or many things.

I am crying right now.

[Totally Confirmed] Former EXO member Wu “Kris” Yifan revealed to Chinese media, through his lawyer, that he has now changed his name to the symbol, ♐. His lawyer explained that there is not proper way to pronounce the symbol (not even “Scorpio”, which TCEF asserts would be a really cool name). Allegedly, if Kris is to be called anything, it should only be “the artist formerly known as Kris.”


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I will be referring to him as The Artist Formally Known as Kris from now on.

deep breaths…deep breaths…

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10 things I haTE about Oh Sehun | A story of the downfall of my sanity.
No.4 … your dumb cute ass face ( ੭⌯᷄௰⌯᷅ ू’l|) 


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so freaking hot liek wtf how

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yeolnyeomoon | do not edit.

This guy has some of the most perfect eyes ever

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Yur adorable

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