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Apple, Orange & Meloncholy



👼 the holy ‘protect at all costs’ trio 👼


I hate when Kpop groups and artists have so much talent and potential but their record label suck at promoting them or they dont get noticed enough because the arent from a big enough record label:(

this does happen a lot…:(

i just realized that i had a dream last night where i discovered taohun quietly went to qingdao last month and actually got married, and one of my friends got to go to the wedding, and i just found out about it.

when he glances at you like that and you know you won’t ever be as alluring as he is.

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beautiful d.o

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exo x mcm

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best of dumb exo: a compilation

this is such an incredible group to follow people just don’t understand

this kind of concentrated idiocy only comes once in a lifetime

So fantastic.

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Heading to bed early, yet later than I wanted to tonight. I crawled into my bed thinking to myself “off to bed!” Then I heard Baro’s voice saying “Oh girl! Off to bed with you!” from Goodnight in my head.
Thanks Baro. I hope you’re dancing in the moonlight.

What is wrong with that girl

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