do you ever have those times when you have an awesome idea for something, and then when you go look into it to make it happen, you find out someone has already done it or is doing it, and is really successful, but they are also doing it better than you ever could?

scratch that idea i guess....

Anonymous asked:

Meggles, if it's not too personal to ask, how old are you? If you don't feel comfortable answering then just delete this ask. ^O^

Apple, Orange & Meloncholy Answer:

Haha no its fine. I’m in the older half of the kpop fandom haha..
I’m a noona to all of EXO but a dongsaeng to all of Super Junior. ^^

I’m in the same line as Ailee, Henry, Hyoyeon, Hyunseung, Jessica, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, and most importantly ONEW <3<3<3 ^^

babyraelo asked:

congratulations on the successful conversion of your friend to liking EXO! ^^

Apple, Orange & Meloncholy Answer:

He’s still learning, but he’s totally hooked and it cracks me up. 

He seems to like Luhan, and D.O the most. And he is deeply amused by Sehun’s derp faces and punky qualities looool

We’ve totally turned one of our guy friends into an EXO fan. Tonight, he sent a kakao message, asking if he could come watch EXO’s Showtime with seriousflightrisk and I. When he came, we discovered that he had already watched five episodes today. He knows almost all the members now, and is matching personalities to faces. He has his favorites, and least favorites, and the ones he finds the most funny. He seemed a little disappointed when he learned there are only 12 episodes of Showtime, but we assured him there is PLENTY more hilarious EXO footage to watch. And he LOVES “Growl”. looll

This is so awesome, usually all our foreign friends think Kpop is ridiculous and they sort of just roll their eyes at us and our crazy fan-girling, but this guy arrives in Korea and is rather amused by Kpop and is one of the few people who willingly listens to us go on and on about various Kpop bands and stuff. And he is now a budding EXO fan, this is glorious. 

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