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Apple, Orange & Meloncholy


A few pictures of the SHINee World III concert in Seoul, that I technically wasnt supposed to take… ;)

This whole experience was amazing. I’ve been to a handful of other kpop concerts during my time here in Korea, a few that SHINee were at, but nothing like this! Its absolutly a blast when everyone in the crowd is just as pumped about SHINee as we were. The “sky blue sea” of SHINee light sticks was actually rather aweinspiring! Everyone knew all the fan chants, and an entire crowd singing along to your favorite SHINee songs, as the boys themselves sang them infront of us was just….sureal! I feel sooo lucky to have been a part of that!!

They sang all their hit singles (minus Replay! ㅜㅜ) and all their other good ones, AND a few of their Japanese songs, including “Dazzeling Girl” and “3.2.1”

The boys were…as usual- absolutly gorgeous. Im Onew biased, and when they came out in black suits with gold accents, and Onew had knee high boots and a thigh-length trench coat…i nearly fell over omg. They are all so HOT!!!

Also, I would like to point out that SHINee’s choreos for ALL their songs are fantastic. They performed “Hitchhiking” which had some killer dance moves, like wow it was so cool!! “Moonlight“‘s dance moves were seeeeexy omg. Also, Onew has gotten better at dancing. He had a little solo dance part and dang, he was reeally good! In the middle of “Ring Ding Dong” they each sort of had a spotlight dance number, finishing with Taemin who reminded us all why he’s the king of dance.

Wow, there’s soooo much more I could talk about, like their performce of “Girls Girls Girls” (Hilarious!), when they road around on stage on bicycles, scooters and skateboards, or when they came out into the crowd on two different songs…but maybe I’ll post those things later, cuz this is already getting long!

SHINEE IS THE BEEEEST!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥